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Welcome to our Kentucky Home

Our Kentuck Home 

Having been born, raised, and retired in Southwest Florida, with family roots going back several hundred years, we pulled out in the spring of 2006 and headed to the hills of North Carolina.  For 13 years we  lived in the Great Smoky Mountains; Whittier, North Carolina (Swain County) .

In 2017, we relocated in Southeastern Kentucky.  We have a very scenic view of the Appalachian Mountains as we are located adjacent to the Cumberland Falls within the Daniel Boone National Forrest.

Our web site is established for family and friends to visit and see what's new and what we are doing in Kentucky, as this is truly Country Living at its best.

Daniel Boone  (Vickie's ancestral cousin) is quoted in once saying "Heaven must be a Kentucky  kind of a place", and we agree.

Views from our Kentucky home

House picture View from pourch House picture from drone

Our live weather station and live cam also moved with us. If you are interested in our live weather station, with complete updates and information, live webcam video, and much more. You can access it at:
www.SoutheasternKentuckyWeather.com below is a sample

Thanks for visiting, check back often for update and an upcoming photo gallery.
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